Originally published on the Forge Scotland blog.

Across Scotland today people are waking up to the results of the independence referendum. I suspect that emotions will be running high – many will be disappointed, many will be joyful. Everyone will be hoping that the result will lead to a better future for Scotland and it’s residents – some because of the results, others despite the results.

Today also sees the beginning of the Forge Course induction for 2014/2015. They too will be hopeful for a better future for Scotland. But this future is one that cannot be delivered by Westminster or Edinburgh. They have no power to withstand it, nor anything that could ever match it. Attentions will shift from what it would look like for Scotland to be independent, to what Scotland could look like if the Kingdom of God broke out.

Last December I wrote a piece entitled “For King and Country”1 in which I called on us all to remember that, whatever our national identity at birth (or by choice later in life), our fundamental identity has shifted from a nation on earth to the Kingdom of God.

So – whichever way you voted yesterday, and however you feel this morning, ask not what your country can do for you, nor even what you can do for your country, but instead ask what God is doing here, and how you can get involved.

  1. For King and Country 5th December 2013 

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